Aug 15, 2013

RGV's crazy wedding invitation

His distributors and audiences may not share his sense of humour, but Ram Gopal Varma seems to have no qualms about showing off his funny side even when inviting friends for his daughter Revathi's wedding. A medical science student, she's tying the knot with fellow doctor Pranav in a low-key affair at a five-star hotel in Hyderabad this Independence Day.

RGV's text message reads, "Hey, finally even I couldn't escape daughter's getting married on 15th... at 8.45 pm. Please come if you feel like. Not to bless the couple, but to check what kind of a joker I will be looking :-) (sic)."

While it won't be a big fat Bollwood-Tollywood wedding, as his daughter doesn't want too much filmi shor-sharaba, the filmmaker has apparently been telling his friends that he will be washing the groom's feet and performing other interesting rituals, which they must not miss.

On Monday, Revathi's pellikoothuru ceremony took place at Cherry's residence. Cherry is RGV's ex-wife Ratna's brother, and they are related to filmmaker SS Rajamouli. The Eega director, according to sources, is very involved with the wedding arrangements. "Rajamouli is personally taking care of a lot of wedding arrangements," says a close source to the family. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the bride and groom's families met at a city hotel. "Members of both families were introduced to one another along with the bride and groom," added the source. RGV was present for all the ceremonies.