Oct 17, 2007

Chiranjeevi's Second Daughter Marries Secretly !!!

Srija, the 18 year old second daughter of Chiranjeevi, married her lover, Gadi Sirish Bhardwaja, a 22 old middle class brahmin boy from Begumpet, at Arya Samaj, New Boyanpalli today morning at 11.30A.m in the presence of her friends. Srija is said to have left her residence in the morning and went to Arya Samaj.

Srija and Bharadwaja are understood to have met through some common friends a couple of years ago. Their friendship blossomed into love and they both decided to get married once they both turn majors. Bharadwaja is doing his B.Tech and Srija is doing her C.A. On Oct 12, they contacted the Arya Samaj authorities along with certificates and other proofs of age. The date of marriage has been fixed on Oct 17, and the muhurt is fixed at about 11.30 AM. Even wedding cards have been printed and distributed among their close friends. The close friends attended the marriage ceremony and videographed the entire ceremony.

The friends of the newly wed couple then contacted TV 9 Channel and handed over the visuals to them. In an interview with the channel, Srija and Bharadwaj said that they married because they are majors and now they will seek the blessings of their respective parents.

At the moment, the whereabouts of Srija and Bhardwaj are not known. They clearly told the TV Channel that they perceive threat.

Response from Chiru's family :

Pawan Kalyan & Allu Aravind appeared on a TV Channel. Allu Aravind said "we are in deep shock. How come a crowd of 100 journalists expect Chiranjeevi to respond on this issue now? He is a very good father. He is very friendly to his children.He gave freedom. I don't know why she did this.Yes, we know about their affair and we are discussing it within the family for the past few days. Suddenly she appeared on TV. Chiranjeevi is in a state of shock. It will take some time for him to recover and speak on this issue's from either side.


Anonymous said...

dear rama, dont you have any other work rather posting this fk ing news

sharan said...

if ur daughter gets married like this then also u will paste the clippings.

Anonymous said...


i dont see a reason why you should be worried seeing marriage photos. These are not their suhag raat photos :))
oh, ok. your own caste hero's image is at stake, is it so. Dont worry. Atleast the second one is better. The first one went around wiht one guy and married another.

Anonymous said...

being a brand ambassador in telugu industry a shame less girl in the whole royal family.

really disguisting forthe way to bought up a child like this. marriages are made in heaven but this is done in the hell without parents support

chiranjeevi innallu kapadukonna paruvu godhavarilo kalisipoyindhi.
kani vanilo emi nachindhi........

Anonymous said...

This seems like a trap for a girl from a royal family. The trap started apparently four years ago.What would a girl at that age know?

This should be left alone for the family to handle.

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