Oct 17, 2007

High On Success ! - Sindhu Tulani

Well, it looks like Sindhu Tulani is all set to take the job-satisfaction survey by storm!

The actress seems to be extremely pleased with her work, and the projects coming her way. She says, "Luckily, I am getting good roles, and that too, in good projects," and her role in her new movie Naa Manasukemaindi, it seems, has further added to her satisfaction-quotient.

She plays the heroine in the movie opposite upcoming hero Paramesh in this film that is being directed by Sree Ram and produced by Anka Babu. Divulging minor plot detail, Sindhu says, "It's not the typical boy-meets-girl, and falls in love story-Telugu Cinemass.

A lot of focus is given to the relationship of a father to his daughter or his son." Naga Babu is portrayed in the vital role of the heroine's father, while Naresh plays father to Paramesh's reel character. "Paramesh is new to the camera, but he did well, always giving it his best, be it songs or fight sequences."