Mar 28, 2014

Raju Raviteja Biography

Pawan Kalyan's Friend Raju Raviteja Biography

Raju Ravitej is the friend Pawan mentioned about and as we got to know him, we’ve known that he is an extraordinarily talented person! Raju Raviteja and Pawan Kalyan are pals and their friendship has been brewing over the years. Raviteja came from humble beginnings. He is a native of Jammikunta in Telangana region. Raviteja is known to be intelligent from his young age and his friend’s recount that he used to think different from others and used to look different to the lot. They say he is passionate about cultural and societal renaissance and maintains a low profile. People from Pawan Kalyan’s close quarters say that these qualities drew them closer. Beginning his career as a waiter when he was just 16 and then working as an office boy, a computer programmer and a salesman, Raju Ravitej is a man with a vast experience in various fields. Later, he started a firm, Eurisko Consultancy, and from then, his life flew like a rocket ship. Eurisko is a firm which trains and motivates employees of corporate companies.

Both worked together for Common man Protection Force (CPF) five years back. A few even claim that CPF was Raviteja’s idea. Raju Ravitej is not just a business man. He is also a teacher, an author, a trainer and, a motivator. Few Indian business schools use few of his twelve books, for reference. He also has knowledge about problems regarding various topics like philosophy, society, politics, money, etc. They even credit Raviteja for all the ground work behind the party. Sources say that it was on his insistence that Pawan Kalyan started the party. Known for his offbeat and out of the box ideas, Raviteja started projects like Uresco in 1994, which didn’t take off. Those who have known Raviteja state that he is a good influence.

Raju Ravitej is an integral part of Jana Sena party and it is known that Pawan Kalyan takes suggestions and advices from him over many decisions. With an intellectual and experienced personality like Raju Ravitej, will Pawan’s Jana Sena beat the heat? How different will JSP’s approach be towards politics when compared to other typical approaches?

Raju Raviteja Biography