Jul 8, 2008

Telugu Actress 'Sameera Reddy' ...Her Relationship

‘It’s difficult playing dumb!’
Sameera Reddy’s all set for comedies, animation and even TV this year

Ask Sameera Reddy anything other than work-related questions and she refuses to get drawn into controversial area. So anything to do with her relationship with ex-boyfriend builder Shamshul Lalani remains unanswered. “I will never comment on my personal life. That’s one thing I guard more than anything,” she says. However, we press her to at least put an end to all those rumours doing the rounds about her seeing cricket’s poster boy Ishant Sharma. “I supported Shah Rukh Khan’s team in the IPL and so, I must have been seen at a lot of matches. That must have created some silly rumour. The less said, the better about it,” she says. But was she seen with Ishant in particular? “I met the whole team,” she says refusing to get further drawn into the conversation.

Talk about work and Sam is more than glad to answer. “I recently had an amazing schedule for Red Alert which is based on the Naxalite movement. It’s a very interesting role that sees me transform from a simple village girl to a coldhearted killer,” she says about her role. Some portions of the film were shot in forest areas which totally creeped her out! “I don’t like keeda-makodas and here, I had to be bare-feet and have grasshoppers and other kind of insects crawl over my feet. I used to get paranoid!” she shudders at the memory.

The actress is also veering towards comedy these days, especially after getting good reviews for her dumb-girl act in Race. “Believe me, it’s quite difficult playing dumb! I couldn’t relate to the role at all. But the biggest compliment I get is when people come up to me and repeat my dialogues from the film. That’s given me a green signal to go ahead with more comedy films,” she adds. Sameera hopes to work with the king of comedy, Govinda, one day. “Talks are on for a film, let’s see,” she says with a smile. Apart from that, Sameera will also be seen in an animation film Mahayudha Ram, where she will lent her voice for Sita. “The value system of the epic will remain the same but Ram and Sita will be someone people can relate to now more easily,” she says. This year will also mark the foray of the actress into television. “I will be the judge on a reality dance show called

Kabhi Kabhii Pyaar, Kabhi Kabhii Yaar.
TV is a very powerful medium and I’m very excited about this show,” she says.
For somebody who’s also explored serious cinema with films like Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Kaalpurush, The Voyeurs and Mira Nair’s Migration, does Sameera expect to do a balancing act with her masala films? “See it’s these kind of films that have made me get recognition as a good actress,” explains Sameera, “I see Sridevi as great inspiration because she did a number of strong memorable performances while also doing films like Chaalbaaz. She’s the greatest example of how you can get the best of both worlds.”