Jul 7, 2008

Telugu Movie 'Konchem Kottaga' Review - Different but not Great

Telugu Movie 'Konchem Kottaga' Review - కొత్త సీసాలో పాత నీరు
Cast: Venkat, Tulip, Ali, Ashish Vidhyarthi, Benarjee and Others.
Cinematography: S. Arun Kumar.
Editing:Anirudra Reddy.
Story:J. Anand.
Music: Raju Rao.
Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: Raju Rajendra Prasad.
Producers: Dr. Satish Palraj, Abraham Kalavakuri.
Banner: Sapara Art Pictures.
Release Date: 28th June, 2008.

Kochem Kothaga. Something new. The director kept his word, as far as something new is concerned-the first half has hardly a dialogue. The second half, however, carries the risk of saying Kochem (Fill to rhyme with Kothaga), due to bad dubbing and mediocre performances by the lead pair. It’s a lesson on low budget flicks, and for a change, there is a story, albeit with loopholes. If you are tired of the same old stuff, here’s something…slightly new. Take it or leave it, the maker’s attitude is clear.

Venkat & TulipPlot A house full of people, but they don’t know of each other’s presence. Mysterious things keep happening to individuals, who believe themselves to be alone. A man is standing concealed behind curtains eerily and the phone keeps ringing, but before anyone picks it up, it is cut. A burglar gets into the house, and the inhabitants face each other and the adversities they never imagined would occur in their lives.

Story, Screenplay and Direction Sometimes the story doesn’t matter. Taking is all that matters. It can be a simple rich boy-poor girl story and the charm lies in how the story is told. Here it is a bit of both. The story and the actual events cannot be revealed-it would count as a spoiler. The narration is also important. The director chooses to stick to his style and has it his way. That’s the good part of the movie.

Now the other side. The dubbing for Tulip is too shrill-it could have suited a host of other actors in hundred other character profiles but not Tupil and not in this movie. Venkat is just okay, and the lead pair chemistry is nil-but it doesn’t matter. Ali’s entry has good timing and the way some parts are glossed over is a little amateurish but doesn’t bar the narrative flow.

The movie might not be for everyone, but it is a genuine effort. The first half a lot of build-up is deemed necessary. Some of the audiences disagree; people can loose patience fast when attention spans average 15 seconds usually. Things of course are explained in the second half, by which time some amount of predictability sets in. Still, a worthwhile effort.

Venkat & AliPerformances There are very few characters. Tulip and Venkat have little in terms of dialogue in the first half, and express well enough. The moment they need to speak post-break, the quality of their performance deteriorates. Ali and Ashish Vidyardhi are the pros here. Ashish Vidyardhi’s wife is okay. Lever’s cameo is a good gimmick.

Music and Dance The background is a little too loud most of the movie.

Last Word Not a bad watch at all. The first half tends to test your patience if you’re used to the fast-paced media and editing we usually see now. Second half has certain loopholes, but only minor ones. It is something new, but nothing of outstandingly quality.