Jul 9, 2008


Rated as one of the very few film makers who has the ability to take the careers of stars to new heights and also come up with movies which make a lot of sense to the current system and have a meaningful approach in them, the name of Mani Ratnam is the one to reckon with when it comes to quality, content and real film making.

There will not be a single actor who will say no to Mani if he wants them in his project and sometimes they go an extra mile to be a part of his venture. One such person who has been ruling the roost lately but got down to the ground when she heard Mani's name is none other than the buxom beauty Priyamani who has recently won the National Award

It is heard that the voluptuous beauty has slashed her remuneration by a whopping 50% when she was offered a role by Mani and when asked about it, she said that it was her respect for him that made her do that and added that whenever there is a quality movie that is being made and if she in it then she would not mind making such moves again.