Oct 28, 2007

When Actress Ankita Was Singled Out !

Heroine Ankita, better known as Chima Chima girl in Simhadri, should be credited with utmost patience and good manners. She is one of the heroines in RB Chowdary's presented film Nava Vasantham, while Priyamani is the other. On the dais, the main cast – Tarun, Sunil and Priyamani – sat to the right corner, while Ankita was singled out to the extreme left. While the three enjoyed the mood, tapping their toes and heels, swaying their heads and shoulder rings to each of the released song, Ankita sat in a serious mood.

Even she was the last person who was given the mike to speak. She quipped at one point: "Yes. The function is beautiful. You have a beautiful girl like Priyamani." Later, she was the first person to leave the dais and when the function was over. Though she was seen fuming with anger, she could gently control the emotion. After all, the film boasts of Friendship forever tagline. Surely, Ankita deserves a sorry!-Telugu Cinemass.