Oct 28, 2007

Tollywood Industry's Prince Mahesh Babu Interview

I Don't Understand Stardom : Mahesh Babu

Enigmatic is the word you are looking for to describe Mahesh Babu. In an industry that is known for hyperbole be it acting, drama, movies or audiences, he's touched unprecedented heights with his understated ways. Many say he is the next superstar and when you see that some of his so-called flops went on to collect over Rs 14-15 crore, you get an idea of his latent star appeal.


It is too early to pass a verdict, but I am glad that the movie has opened to fantastic collections, the world over. Personally I rate it as my best performance till date. This was the first time I had to do 7-8 takes before getting it right. The action episodes were shot in very demanding physical conditions and I would end up with a swollen face after the shoot. The movie was shot stylishly and the idea was to come out with something new, and now its up to the audience.


I do not understand the stardom bit ,honestly. It does feel good to be showered with such genuine love and affection and often find myself dumbfounded when confronted with situations where I am mobbed. Personally, I do not believe in the number game. I am happy working on one film a year. All that is of interest to me, is my work. I believe in it with utmost sincerity, everything else is incidental.

Action hero image:

As a beginner I tried to do something new with every film, but the BO returns were equally diverse. It all changed with Okkadu where I came into my own as an actor. I figured you just cannot do without action and that's a given. I still try to come up with something believable in the melee of high voltage and that is a real challenge I must admit. I would love to try something different with someone like Shekar Kammula, but I will have to come back to the action fold because that is what the people want.

Shy guy :

I am a simple guy who has his set of friends and I like to do my thing. I do not understand the media, so I prefer to stay away from it. When I got married there were reports, which claimed I got married secretly, against the wishes of my family, when in fact it was a quiet family affair. After the episode, I just opted to stay out of it all to avoid unnecessary issues.

Looking ahead:

I want to entertain people for as along as possible. I find myself in a very dangerous position at the moment, especially after Pokiri. The expectations have shot up and I am faced with the challenge of pleasing the masses and the classes at the same time. That’s a real challenge for me. What I would really love to do, is to win a national award and see Telugu films adapted into other languages.