Oct 28, 2007

Brothers In Arms...Not Anymore ?

The rumours surrounding Srija’s elopement and marriage just don’t seem to die out.

Tollywood grapevine is presently abuzz about differences between Megastar Chiranjeevi and his brother Pawan Kalyan over the whole affair.

As rumours would have it, Pawan discovered that Chiranjeevi knew about the Srija-Sireesh affair since a year, but had kept it under wraps. As such, even though Pawan found out about the affair from his own sources, he too was nonchalant about it. This communication gap is being seen as the cause of the rift.

Pawan, moreover, stayed aloof from the post Srija-marriage drama. Sources also suggest that the day after Chiranjeevi confided to his brother that the couple was not returning home, since they were afraid of him, Pawan carried out the high drama of depositing his revolver.

Immediately, he also went ahead to announce the setting up of the Common Man Protection Force, where in an emotional speech, he hardly mentioned his brother-Telugu Cinemass.

However, some sources feel Pawan did all this to make it up to Chiranjeevi. Mark Pawan’s own words, though – Naa abhimaanulu , and not Annayya abhimaanulu , as he usually says. Well? Are you left wondering? So is everybody else!