Jul 23, 2011

Nanna Tulugu Movie Rwview

Movie Review:Vikram is back again, this time as an autistic man with developmental disabilities who fights for his five-year-old daughter. Director Vijay may have borrowed the subject from theHollywood flick "I Am Sam", starringSean Penn, but he has managed to bring in a new flavor to this emotional journey of a father and daughter and their love for each other.

The story is simple. Krishna (Vikram) who has the mental faculties of a five-year-old works in a chocolate factory. His wife delivers a baby girl and dies. Krishna calls her Vennela (Sarah) and she becomes the centre of his world. He soon admits her in a school, where Vennela befriends the school correspondent (Amala Paul). Krishna's father-in-law (Sachin Khadekar), who is a powerful and influential man enters the picture and takes Vennela away with him. Here begins his fight to get his child back. In the process, he meets a lawyer, Anuradha (Anushka), who wants to take Krishna's case to the court and fight leading advocate Bashyam (Nasser), who represents Krishna's father-in-law.

The film starts on a dull note, but once the child grows up into a tiny tot, the story gains momentum. The second half is high on emotions and leaves the audience teary-eyed. All credit to the director Vijay for evoking such emotive performances.

The film totally belongs toVikram and child actor, Sarah. While Vikram is at his best, staying true to his character brilliantly till the very end, Sarah surprises all with her stunning performance, especially in the final court scenes.Anushka too plays her part well and proves once again that she is no mere glam doll and can deliver great performances. Amala Paul is convincing in her part. Nasser, Sachin Khadekar and Surekha Vani make their presence felt. The film is technically strong too. The work of cinematographer Nirav Shah and music director G V Prakash are commendable.

In a sea of masala flicks, Nanna" comes as a breath of fresh air.