Jul 23, 2011

Key Telugu Movie Review

Jagapathi babu psychological Puzzle Thriller movie 'Key' released today


Nine members apply for a job by seeing an advertisement. Management says that only one person will be selected out of through a psychological test. As per the test they will be given question paper and they should find the answer to it in ninety minutes. There will be certain rules and regulations to write the test and people who fail to follow them will get eliminated. Invigilator (Jagapathi Babu) hands them over question papers and explains the procedure. However, the contestants realize that there is no question in the papers that is handed over to them. They have to find the question and give the answer to it too.


Director attempted to make a novel film and that has to be lauded. He simply didn’t take the beaten to death track to prove to be a successful director. But it seems like he didn’t do much homework behind this script. It appeared like a one hour telefilm most of the time

Thrill factor is completely missing despite having an interesting scenario. Not even the climax is up to the mark. All the incidents start to irk as the movie passes on. The narrative loses fuel within no time and the film starts to bore you. Thankfully the film lasts only 90 minutes but still fails to hold the interest in that less time.


Jagapathi Babu’s role is just a cameo. He is Okay. Other actors did their part within their limitations. Producer and co producer Suresh too played comedic roles in this film.


Technically Key is good for a film of its budget. Vijay Kurakula’s background score is engaging. Vinda cinematography is another plus point. Most part of the film is confined to a room but the cinematographer managed to keep the camera moving. Director has new ideas but didn’t know how to bring it on screen. He should do lot of homework before going on to sets.

Plus Points:

- Background score
- Cinematography

Minus points:

- Loose ends in screenplay
- Poor climax
- Weak performances

Final Word: Key to boredom.