Jan 2, 2009

Telugu Movie Sasirekha Parinayam Review

Telugu Movie Sasirekha Parinayam Review
Film: Sasirekha Parinayam
Banner: Karthikeya Creations
Cast: Tarun, Genelia, Ahuti Prasad, Subbaraju, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, M S, Tulasi, Raghu Babu and others
Music : Mani Sharma
Camera: Bhaskar
Director: Krishna Vamsi
Producer: Sunkara Madhu Murali
Release date: 02/01/2009

It is often an exciting tale to see a girl meets boy and they get along into a journey with twists and turns only for love to bloom. Something like that happens in this film. Let us see how this goes.

Sasirekha (Genelia) is a stubborn and short tempered girl but very innocent and kind hearted. She is brought to Amalapuram for her own marriage even she is not aware of and she decides to escape since she cannot say no to her aggressive father Babu Rao (Ahuti Prasad).

In her escape, she comes across Anand (Tarun) and soon both of them embark on a journey from Rajahmundry to Vijayawada trying to escape from the eyes of Babu Rao's men and also various other elements. In this process, Anand keeps helping Sasi at every nook and corner and they have their own share of fights and laughter. Soon the attachment grows and the fondness also increases between them. However, there is one thing that Anand does not tell Sasi throughout their journey since he is scared of the outcome.

What is the truth? Does Sasirekha get married finally? All this forms the rest of the story.

Tarun looked a bit tired and he should have worked more on his usual smart techniques and energy, the fresh look in him was missing. Genelia was the life and soul of the film and she came in with a superb performance. Ahuti Prasad is the best bet for the coastal roles, Paruchuri showed his strength and mettle this time.

Subbaraju was good, Raghu Babu was hilarious and M S as usual did his bit to generate laughs.

The director has come out with a regular romantic tale but then it was necessary to see that the script was held tightly and the screenplay was executed with full depth. The story got a bit lengthy and the music was just about okay with two songs to really cheer about.

Camera could have been better given the picturesque locations and editing was required very much at many points since they kind of hampered the momentum of the story.

The title of the film was appealing and this will surely catch the family audience in a big way. The talk that this is a remake of 'Jab We Met' can be dropped since there is no resemblance to the storyline except the journey part. There were few places where the dialogues got a bit too lengthy and that caused impatience to the audience. Tarun's words on the essence of the literary greats of Vijayawada had lot of knowledge but lacked the punch to create impact. This will turn out to be a good gainer if the word of mouth goes well and given the fact that there are about ten days for the Sankranti biggies to arrive, the chances are high that this will be a successful venture. But still, the content part with lengthy narration may bring a drop for those expectations as well.