Jan 3, 2009

Mental Krishna Review - Torture Unlimited

Mental Krishna Review - Torture Unlimited

Cast: Posani Krishna Murali, Satya Krishnan, Nagababu, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Giribabu, Raghubabu, Ranganath, Goutham Raju, Sivajiraja, ETV Prabhakar and Others.
Art: Babjee.
Cinematography: Gadiraju Srinivas.
Editing: Mohan-Ramarao.
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas.
Producer: Mohan Vadlapatla.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: Posani Krishna Murali.
Banner: Mohan Media Creations.
Release Date: 01st January, 2008.

I have decided to do something noble on the first of January and that is to tell people to stay away from this crappy movie. It is downright disdainful, bizzare and Posani Krishna Murali again attempts an abhorrent and a twisted theme. In one of his films (Operation Duryodhana), he makes Srikanth walk nude. Here in the guise of innocence and in an attempt to unravel doubts, he unleashes his peverse fantasies on heroine Satya Krishnan. At the end of the film you would want to do what Satya Krishnan did, slipper him for the torture unlimited.

Posani Krishna Murali and NagababuThe plot is obsolete, nothing new or shocking. It is one of those third grade novels you would find hawkers selling on the cart in the railway platform. If the posters were created to arouse curiosity, the story explains from scene one why Posani dresses up in wierd costumes, why he behaves like a child, then why he turns into a torturous husband suspecting his wife always and then an explanation that he is not a gay. A clichéd turn to glorify himself as a real hero.

Satya Krishnan looks slim, flat tummy, well presented and is even shown as preparing for an entry to Indian School of Business. She falls for her milkman just because he he had passed in the exam and he hails from a modest background. She proposes and at the wedding the milkman's family disposes.

Posani is the savior now and he ties the sacred yellow thread and are declared MAN and wife. It is only in the bedroom when he turns up in a nightie she realises he is not man enough and offers to remain as his friend lifelong.

He tortures her, puts her through many ordeals, himself goes through some like getting his legs waxed and finally pushes her into his best friend's arms because he resolves to have a progeny, a heir to the family. Yes, he makes her go through the virginity test before that which he keeps pronouncing it as virgin test. The lady who attempted an examination for ISB is shown as the ideal wife material, not once complaining. It's just her moist and sometimes red eyes do the talking.

Posani Krishna Murali and Satya KrishnanWe are made to believe that Posani was trying to show that being gay is not a sin but here he meanders more than once and there is often lack of clarity. There is no apathy on part of the mother towards Posani too so that makes the plot more confusing but just before the climax, when Satya is slippering him, he arrives and says stop it, he is a Man. Ranganath who plays his father gives you the clichéd reason that he had sacrificed for the family and had feigned to look impotent.Bad choice for Sathya Krishnan.

First it's yawn, then sick and then a plain nauseating feeling. From frame one to the last it is the megalomaniac. He tries to insinuate by mentioning Sakshi to cover his gay life. Thankfully he doesn't gulp his words. Not recommended for family viewing.