Aug 19, 2008

Tollywood Say Anything Negative Chiranjeevi

T ollywood’s take on Chiru’s new role
As Chiranjeevi gets ready for his political rally on 26th August, to industrywallahs

Chiranjeevi-Radhika are touted as one of the hottest pairs in Telugu cinema as the twosome matched histrionics and dancing steps perfectly to deliver numerous hits like Nyam Kavali, Abilasha and Donga Mogudu. As her close-friend Chiranjeevi tests political waters she lauds the move.

Intelligent & sensitive
DIRECTOR B GOPAL (State Rowdy and Indra): "He is a very sensitive person and a good human being as well. He deeply studies the pros and cons before arriving at any important decision. He is also a highly intelligent person and observes things very keenly. During the shooting of State Rowdy he hurt himself badly but he continued to shoot and performed in a song later in the night though he was suffering from high fever. He is a great professional and I wish him all the success in his new role."
He's got clear-cut plans

The actor's son RAM CHARAN TEJ : "I will definitely miss him in films but I am sure he will go places even as politician because of his great concern for the poor and downtrodden. He is a very sensitive person so I am doubly sure that he will solve the problems of people with a human touch. He has clear cut plans to better the lives of Andhraites and I wish him good luck"
I'm disappointed

Director GUNASEKAR (Chudalani Undi): "I am personally bit disappointed with his new role since I think he still has to explore new avenues as an actor. It is the right time for the numero uno actor to do more significant roles to enhance the span of Telugu cinema beyond clichéd love stories. Considering the ever-growing market and his indomitable stature, his decision is definitely a big sacrifice. He should have stayed back to change the face of Telugu cinema by doing rock-solid scripts. He is a hard worker and receptive to new ideas. He makes even young directors comfortable and inspires them to spell out their ideas. His qualities of patiently hearing to the problems of others and relentless hard work will come in handy in his new role."

Strong-minded & selfless RADHIKA:

"Firstly I admire him for taking the big decision to plunge into the political arena. I don't think there is anything wrong in stars joining politics per se since they are eligible like any other aspiring individual. I have seen him struggling to find a place as an actor due to stiff competition prevalent at that time but he gradually overcame the hurdles with determination and dignity to emerge as a big star. He is a strongminded person and selfless individual. I know a lot of actors who changed colours after attaining stardom but my good friend stuck to his ground despite immense success. For some time he might have remained silent but he should be gaining strength for his ideals and is bound to retort when he feels it appropriate. Like any decision in life he could lose few people and win some. I think I have done 28 films with him and it was a smooth-sailing professional relationship"

I respect his decision VENKATESH

VENKATESH (his father and producer Ramanaidu also tasted political success): It's purely an individual decision and I do respect it. There is nothing wrong in actors becoming politicians as such and similarly they would have opted for it only after giving it enough thought. As a colleague I wish him all the best for his new endeavour.

Chiru's goodwill so far has ensured that the film fraternity is unwilling to say anything negative about him