Aug 14, 2008

Telugu Movie 'BALADOOR' Review

BALADOOR Film On 'Pedannanna Sentiment'

Film: Baladoor
Rating: 2.5/5
Banner: Suresh Productions
Story: Paruchuri Brothers
Dialogues: Laxmi Bhoopal, Jaladandi
Music: KM Radhakrishnan
Choreography: Brinda, Dinesh and Prem Rakshit
Fights: Ram Laxman
Producer: Suresh
Screenplay, Direction: Uday Shankar
Released On: 14th Aug 2008

This is the film that runs on sentimental track. It's neither sister sentiment nor mother sentiment. It's something new, the 'pedananna sentiment'.

Rama Krishna (Super Star Krishna) and Purushottam (Chandra Mohan) are the brothers. As Purushottam's wife dies after becoming mother to a son he starts living with his brothers' family as he has to nurture his mother less child Chanti (Ravi Teja). Chanti loves his elder paternal uncle a lot and never tolerates if anyone hurts him. Rama Krishna also loves Chanti a lot. As expected the sons of Rama Krishna are not fair either in character or in business. It's only Chanti who feels responsible towards the respect of the family. But in a few unforeseen circumstances Chanti will be kicked out from the house by his own father Purushottam. Eventually, things go different in the family of Rama Krishna but they can be easily guessed by audiences who have watched many of Venkatesh's films with that formula. And Bhanumathi (Anushka) is the love element for Chanti who meets him in a Railway Station in serendipity. How Chanti handles with the villains those try to damage the construction business of Rama Krishna with old vengeance has to be watched on screen. How Chanti comes back to the house and how he impresses everyone with his responsible nature from outside tales us to the culmination.

Ravi Teja did his best with his trademark energetic performance. But since the characterization required pathos to be expressed his energy is seen in lesser degree unlike his previous films. It cannot be ruled out that old age signs are prominently appearing on his face now. But his bearing sounds young for sure.

Anushka is stunningly beautiful and especially in songs she stood as big attractive factor on screen. And coming to her characterization, she is doing same sort of roles in every film. While she did a vamp like role in Okka Magadu, here in Baladoor she did a drunkard role with erotic factor in dialogues. It is the second film for her with Ravi Teja after Vikramarkudu.

Krishna is ok in his elderly role but his fighting scene in climax is over dosed. Pradeep Rawath, Subba Raju and Satya Raj are as usually rough in their villainy roles.

And technical aspects in the film are ok with respect to camera work. Choreography would have been better. Costumes are impressive. Music is just average. And coming to the direction part, the element chosen in the film is a routine one. Just switching the sentiment on to 'pedananna' instead of mother and sister is the only new factor here. Uday Shankar would have worked better in bringing in better emotions.

Venkatesh strikes the mind screen while watching this film as it appears that it is tailor made for him. Anushka factor and Ravi Teja in lead role with a powerful title drags audiences to theaters. But the expected energy is not seen in the film. It is more over a sentimental treat than action and romance. Although all mass elements are grooved in here, sentiment dominates the other factors.

The songs 'Rangu Rangu Vaana…', 'Nuvvu Konchem Teda..' are impressive for ears and aesthetic for eyes. Brahmanandam's comedy as Naani is not worked properly. Every frame with him is dealt with a coconut without showing any creativity.

First half of the film goes with little romance and little action while second half is completely dominated by action sequences.

To sum up, we can say that it is a good attempt but very well within the periphery of 'normal guess of any audience'. There is no suspense element in narration and powerful twists in story line. But still chances for success of this film can be seen as a hope provided family audiences consider it to be worth watching.