Aug 2, 2008

Telugu Actress MADHU SHALINI Interview

‘Name one actress who doesn’t show skin’
Hard, soft, candid and at times uncomfortable – questions, that is. Madhu Shalini is a tough ball

You'd be mistaken if you thought she was down and out after her rather forgettable foray into tinsel town and for courting controversies all along. Here's Madhu Shalini, who affirms her no-regret attitude and marches on towards becoming a successful Telugu-speaking actress in Tollywood!

How's the journey from Miss Andhra to acting been like?
It's definitely been great, since I've started from the scratch literally.
You say 'great,' but most of your films have been forgettable and are remembered more for your skin show.
Some things (read movies) are best left in the past but let me tell you two things – one, name one actress who doesn't show skin, whatever be the pretext to it, and two, people who are ruling this industry are also doing 'the skin show,' so why the big fuss?

Hmmm…would you call it an unfair industry?
It's our choice if we want to be labelled as a 'sex bomb' or anything else.
Talking about 'unfair,' why is it that we see actresses from the north having so much patronage in Tollywood, making it harder for native actresses like you?
Yes, most of these actresses don't even know Telugu and yet they are given prominence. I think it's because directors and producers have this false notion of not good actors not being there in Hyderabad. Also, they assume that girls from the South have inhibitions about playing most of these 'glamourous' roles, which FYI, isn't true.

One would argue that most actresses in Tollywood look alike. Do you feel the same?
That's because they all do! With all due respect to them, most directors still prefer a fair-skinned girl to a dusky one. They go to Bombay to scout for actresses. Everywhere else I get compliments for my dusky tone while here it's the other way round. You always want what you don't have. Profound. Now moving on, tell us about your upcoming ventures.
I have Happy Journey with Vishwa Teja under Sabhapathi's direction. It's based on today's hectic lifestyles and how we end up jeopardising our personal relationships as a result of it.
Talking about personal relationships…anyone special in your life? And don't give the quotidian 'no time for relationship' reply.

(She says rather candidly) I am happy to be single because that way I'll get to know more boys! Relationships don't work out for me so yes I'm single and very much ready to mingle. CANDID CORNER On casting couch – “Exists here and everywhere else!” On acting with 50 yr old actors – “We make them look younger!” Her lesser-known skill – “I sketch” On Allu Arjun – “He rocks!” On Shriya – “Hot” On Poonam Kaur – “Now she's friendly!”