Aug 3, 2008


It’s a ‘Tolly’ order
Hyderabad Times decodes the ‘success’ ladder behind our on-screen ‘heroes’ — the moolah they make, their USP and why they’re even famous!


Claim to fame – Okkadu and Pokiri. Yes, he did play two different characters though some would contest the degree of difference. He's actor Krishna's son and Namrata Shirodkars's husband. USP –- Considered a rarity in the 'moustache' dominated industry and he can make fighting in the rain look better than, let's say, canoodling with the heroine.
Mirror mirror on the wall, am I the best one of them all?
He's got a complexion that would make any mother-in-law want him as her prospective son-in-law. Salman's reprising Mahesh's character in Pokiri in the Bollywood version of the film. Now that's something, isn't it? (Ok, there's Ghajini and hordes of others too).
Star bucks
He's sitting pretty on the pedestal of charging the highest remuneration after Chiranjeevi – a whopping Rs 8 Crore. Hmmm, didn't Aishwarya Rai Bachchan charge Rs 6 crore for Robot?


Claim to fame – Offspring of Tollywood's coveted 'megastar' Chiranjeevi. USP – Ditto as his claim to fame reason. Though, without taking any credibility away from him, we're still trying to figure the second reason out.
Mirror mirror on the wall, am I best one of them all?
He's young. Yes, he isn't flirting 50s and romancing 20-something heroines!
He's got the stubble, which FYI is always a hit with the ladies.
Star bucks
One film old and he's already got a price tag worth Rs 3 crore. Wait we hear he's hiking it up to Rs 3.5 crore… producers, good luck (read, tough luck).

Claim to fame – Other than the Ntr suffix, it's got to be his dance moves prior to his weight loss. USP – he knows how to get the masses rooting for him with his 'mass' moves and movies.
Mirror mirror on the wall, am I the best one of them all?
Having bagged a Filmfare award, it sure does say a lot, now doesn't it!
He's shown that he's the biggest loser, no pun intended. After his weight loss, he also seems to have a new air of confidence about him. Moral of the story: size does matter!
Star bucks
Don’t be surprised for it's a whopping Rs 4- 5 crore and counting.


Claim to fame – Lineage, just as his cousin Charan and he made romancing Hansika (all of 15 at the time) seem convincing and not disgusting, as some might have found it. USP – He’s energetic, though at times it can get to you. He can dance. Glad to know all the clubbing did come to some use after all.
Mirror mirror on the wall, am I best one of them all?
Certainly caters to the ‘mass’ class, though at times undermining their taste (unintentionally, of course). Can change his look dramatically yup, he's got jaws as chiselled as they would be if done with (read under) a knife!)
Star bucks A good Rs 2.5-3 crore. Like they say, good things come in small packages but with a heavy price tag.
*All figures are according to market approximation
Now that Charan's taken charge, Chiru's planning doing a full-fledged role of a politician, not on reel but in real. Let's see how long that runs for.


‘Victory’ Venkatesh is still raring to go and we do like his sense of comedy especially when directed to himself !
Pawan Kalyan
If he's not busy sorting his marital issues, then he's busy flexing muscles around foes. And if it isn't either of them, he's filming movies, like his last venture, which surprisingly did fare well at the BO.


He popularised the cycle chain ( remember Shiva?)as cost-free and efficient weapon. His urban centric films made the moustache look a tad bit classy. Mind you, only a tad bit.