Aug 2, 2008

Rajini yet again apologises to Kannadigas

As Rajini yet again apologises to Kannadigas for his statements made at a rally, some are shocked how his business interests eclipse his statesmanship

Iwill never commit such mistakes again," said superstar Rajinikanth at a multiplex in Hyderabad going back on the statements he had made against Kannadiga activists, saying they were 'regional fanatics,' at a rally in Chennai for Hogenakal project, besides urging KFCC to lift the ban on his new film Kuselan. It is not the first time that he has backtracked on his comments for his business interest, leading many to believe that there's a big contradiction between his reel-image and his real-life persona since he fights for truth with conviction in films but in real life he succumbs to threats and bans and meekly withdraws without even a semblance of a fight.

The actor always thanks Tamilians for patronising him and voices his views in support of Tamil interests on few inter-state issues. But whenever he has opposed the state of Karnataka, he has run into trouble. But as soon as Kannadigas retaliate, he apologies unmindful of denting his idealistic image among his huge following. Kannadigas have brought him on his knees once again and will allow the release of Kuselan only after exposing him as a pseudo- statesman.

Tamil star Sarath Kumar who is the also the president of South Indian Film Artistes Association was shocked with Rajini's apology. "Post rally, he did apologise for a few derogatory remarks he made in the heat of the moment, but now, as he goes overboard with an unconditional apology, we begin to doubt his commitment towards Tamilians’ cause. Does he really feel sorry for uttering a few harsh words or for supporting the Tamil cause per se?" Sarath Kumar further describes it as a selfish move where Rajini places his business interest over those of parched districts in Tamil Nadu going dry due to shortage of water.

"He could’ve approached the government or the court to sort out the problems over the film, but his meek surrender is a shame to the people of Tamil Nadu who made him a superstar," concludes the fire-brand actor who reminds that it's for umpteenth time that Rajini has retracted his statements.


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Sundar said...

I was a rajini fan but now i am not since he apologized to kannadigas just to avoid giving one crore to KN distributors. He did not speak anything wrong in Kollywood Protest against Karnataka.
"It is a very selfish act by rajinikanth aimed at releasing his Kuselan in Karnataka. Mr Rajinikanth has let us all tamilians down. He must clarify his apology to the people of Tamilnadu, who have made him a super star today"
Illiterate Rajni’s fans, who were busy celebrating the release of Kuselan in the city, has no time for controversies.
He should happily compensate his producers and distributors from his own pocket rather than apologise to them. His ‘U’ turn is a disgrace not just to him but also to his fans.
He is neither tamilian nor kannadiga. Just a poilitician who knows how well he shd play to earn money using his poor fans.
Guys,if you are true tamilian, u shd not support him.