Jun 2, 2008

Over 90 Percent Shooting Of 'Kshudara'

Patchwork remained balance for 'Kshudra'

Spectrum Creations
Priyanka, Ramya, Jeeva, Jeevi, Surya, Ali, MS Narayana, Kondavalasa & others
Direction: Nagul
Syed Khaja, A Manikprabhu

Over 90 per cent shooting of 'Kshudara' directed by Nagul and produced by Syed Khaja and A Manik Prabhu on the banner of Spectrum Creations was completed by now.

Director Nagul says, 'Several films with 'ghost' in its backdrop had hit the Telugu screen. However, our film would be distinctly different from the routine 'ghose' subjects. Even our film's title 'Kshudra' indicates that it is a big horror movie. The comedy provided by Ali would remain a highlight for the flick. We are introducing Priyanka and Ramya of Bangalore as heroines through the movie. Only patch remained balance for the completion of shooting.'

Producers say, 'The story narrated by director Nagul is very impressive and we thrilled while listening to the subject. The music scored by Sivaji Raja would remain an asset for our flick. We shot most of the film in Warangal and Hyderabad. There are four songs in the movie and it is a heroine-centric subject. We are planning to launch the audio in June and are making efforts to release the film in the same month.'

Heroines Priyanka and Ramya say, 'We are fascinated towards the Telugu film industry. We are very happy for stepping into the Telugu films through a different and novel subject. Of us Priyanka had an experience in films and she faced camera for a Kannada film.'

Script assistance is by B Ramakrishna, Choreography is by Premalatha, cinematography is by PM Subbu, editing is by Satyam, while story, dialogues, screenplay and direction are by Nagul.