Jun 1, 2008

Now 'PRIYAMANI ' Dressing

Priyamani Drags Her Bikini Down?

Priyamani is a hot young babe imported from Malayalam. She is now busy in Tollywood as well as Kollywood. But despite acting with big actors like Jr. NTR, she is yet to make it big in the industry.

She has appeared in some rather de-glamorized roles in her films so far and this in turn has affected her image to a considerable extent. Priyamani is now trying to correct this image.

She is preparing to go in for a new photo shot. This time, she will wear a hot swimsuit, if sources are to be believed. She seems to have been inspired by Soha Ali Khan. The hot pictures of Soha are now doing the rounds on the internet. It now remains to be seen if Priyamani can overtake Soha Ali Khan in looks and exposing. Well, can this southern damsel break the conventional shell by doing so.