Jun 1, 2008

Chiranjeevi Political Plans In August This Year

Chiru’s political script still hangs

Despite the fans getting restive and the media losing interest, the Hamletian dilemma that the family of megastar is displaying over the star entering politics surfaced yet again on Saturday. Allu Arvind, Chiranjeevi’s brother-in-law, said he ‘hopes’ that Chiranjeevi will make an announcement about his political plans in August this year.

Arvind stated this to a few fans and the media at Geeta Arts, the producer’s office at Jubilee Hills on Saturday afternoon. Under the banner of Chirajneevi National Trade Union Congress, the fans had taken out a ‘shanti yatra’ from Ambedkar statue at Tank Bund to Geeta Arts. “I think Chiranjeevi honours those who are coming out in support of him and join politics. However, the megastar is not someone who will take emotional decisions just like that. He does a lot of thinking before making one. I hope he announces in August,” Arvind said. Arvind’s utterances triggered speculations whether Chiranjeevi would finally take the political plunge on August 15, Independence Day, or August 22, his birthday. However, the merry-go-round being enacted by the Chiranjeevi family is beginning to take its toll. “Chiranjeevi says Arvind will announce his political decisions, but the brother-in-law is as vague as the star himself,” said one dejected fan.

Many wonder that if this is the indecision Chiranjeevi is displaying on the issue of entering politics, how much time he will take to make administrative and political decisions, if he enters the political game. “Take a decision of entering politics and make the plunge, or else say that you have no political ambitions. The star cannot keep the fans, the public and the media hanging forever,” said one political leader.

The delay by Chiranjeevi in taking a decision is undoing his own Kapu community as well. Many members of the community are alleging that the megastar’s family members are taking him away from the community and making him a captive of political and commercial interests. “Without the Kapu community, Chiranjeevi will become a political zero. If he wants to represent the weaker sections who are craving for political and social justice, the megastar should first snap ties with the dominant communities,” said a Kapu leader.

Chiranjeevi’s loyalists insist that the delay is because the megastar is weighing all the options and holding talks with a wide variety of people and experts. “But how long is the wait going to be? It seems Chiranjeevi is not aware of the story of the boy and the tiger. The boy fooled the people twice by saying that a tiger was coming to the village when there was no such animal. The third time around, a real tiger surfaced but nobody heeded the boy’s warning. At this rate, this is what may happen to Chiranjeevi as well,” one leader lamented. Mega plan brings cheer to Chiru fans TDP, Cong Wary About Possible Impact

Vijayawada: While restive fans of megastar Chiranjeevi were shaken from their slumber with the announcement by his brother-in-law Allu Arvind that their aspirations might be met in August this year, the political parties are continuing to keep up a brave front.

Though the Congress and the Telugu Desam, the two parties that stand to be affected, appeared worried as of now, many of the leaders are privately admitting that the Chiru’s party would definitely have an impact on the next elections. While Congress leaders are trying to defend themselves by saying that their chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy is man of deeds and not of words, the TDP leaders are too not far behind in claiming that they would not be affected. The TDP leaders are taking the overwhelming response to party chief Chandrababu Naidu’s tours in the district as cover to state they are going to be ultimate winners.

“We need not worry much about the new parties. Our boss is a proven leader and that is the reason why people are thronging to his meetings in unexpected numbers,” said senior TDP leader Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, who is accompanying Chandrababu Naidu in his ‘Mee Kosam’ yatra in his native Nandigama constituency.

However, the ground reality appears to be different as the cadres at the lowest level are eagerly waiting for an opportunity. According to sources, the surveys conducted by the aides of film star Chiranjeevi reportedly indicated a near sweep for the mega-star’s much-’labour’ed party. Sources said that the initial surveys put the tally of the Chiranjeevi party nearly at 148 seats in the state assembly. “The surveys are conducted some time ago and definitely there will be tremendous change after Chiranjeevi himself enters the scene,” a source close to the Chiranjeevi camp told ‘TOI.’

The well-wishers of the megastar are of the view that the tally would easily touch the magic number of 200 in the 294-member state legislature once Chiranjeevi starts his state tour.

“It will be nothing short of a super-cyclonic wave,” observed noted sexologist and staunch supporter of Chiranjeevi, G Samaram. He said that people would bring Chiranjeevi to power in their own interest. Megastar’s party is also expected to sweep in the Krishna district by claiming at least 14 assembly segments of the total 16 segments. While TDP won two seats, the Congress pocketed the remaining 14 in the previous general elections.

The respondents to the surveys reported to have given an overwhelming thumps up to the megastar’s party. “You can imagine the overall situation, if the response from a Kamma-dominant district like Krishna is such,” said Bonda Srinivasa Rao, a Chiru fan.

SETTING UP THE STAGE: Chiranjeevi National Trade Union Congress members garland Dr Ambedkar's statue at Tank Bund in Hyderabad on Saturday