Mar 14, 2008

Rajni Kanth's 'Sultan' To Do Rs 100 Cr Business

Rajni Kanth's animation film 'Sultan the Warrior' is progressing at a brisk pace. Rajni Kanth's daughter is producing the film in association with Adlabs. More than 120 animators are working round the clock on the film.

The big budget film will be released in many Indian languages including Telugu. The film will also be released overseas with prints in Japanese and other foreign languages.

Even though the film is an animation film, it will be like any other regular Rajni Kanth film. The film has action, suspense, comedy and action in full dose. Rajni Kanth's trademark mannerism will also be seen in the film. The heroine is not based on any real life artist but has been created by the animators.

There will also be duet with the heroine in the film. The producers expect to do business of well over 100 crores. Meanwhile Rajni's new film Kucheludu will go into regular shooting from March 15.

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