Mar 6, 2008

Namitha Is The Sex Bomb That Is Ruling Kollywood

Hot Namita's Love For Kissing Kisses

Namitha is the sex bomb that is ruling Kollywood for quite some time. She has a well endowed body and has no inhibitions in exposing it to some great effect.

Namitha is not conservative like some of the heroines in the industry. She is very bold both on and off the screen. She has said many times that god has given her a great body and she would not only put it to maximum effect but also use to full effect in her film career.

It is no secret that the audiences, particularly the youngsters, go only to only watch her great figure and ample assets.

Namitha says that she loves to kiss and be kissed. She says that a kiss brings a great feeling to her body and her entire body feels some great pleasure when kissed. But don't come to conclusions. Her kissing service is not open for all.

She however is against lip to lip kiss in films with the heroes. She only wants to be kissed by her lover. Going by her statements, it appears that she now has had quite a long experience in kissing!