Mar 2, 2008

I Come Late, I Will Come With The Latest - John Appa Rao 40+

Kuchipudi Venkat On 'John Appa Rao 40 Plus

Innovative director Kuchipudi Venkat is now waiting to release his new product 'John Appa Rao 40 Plus'. This is the exclusive interview given by him to this morning in order to clarify various doubts conglomerated in the heads of film lovers, critics and trade pundits.

Reason for delay:
Thanks for the interest you have been showing on my movie. I understand I have been keeping people waiting for the release. I put my heart and soul into it and I need to give it a proper finish.

I don't want be at the receiving end due to technical reasons after the release my movie and I will not release it until at least I am happy with the way it turned out. I miscalculated the time the post work would take and thus ended up giving a lot of dates. And adding to that I had to scrap the entire RR and do it all over again. I have just finished my RR in Mumbai.

Quality-No Compromise:
I never compromise on anything I want to do and also take a lot of chances on creative aspect, though that proved very costly, that's the way I am. I am sure I would match the expectations and audiences as well with John Appa Rao. I don't want to barb about the movie at this stage. This time around I want be a listener.

Following Rajani style:
Like Rajani Said though I come late, I will come with the latest. Don't worry. More over I not only want 40+'s to watch my movie I want the teens and 20+'s also to watch it, who are busy right now with their academics. My movie is technically ready by 4th to my satisfaction. I'm also looking out for right time to release the film. I don't want empty theaters waiting for me like what happened to the movies which released on all my previous proposed dates".