Mar 26, 2008

Anushka - The Sexy Curvy Actress

Anushka – Do not hype when times comes to you

When talking about life. Time the biggest teacher in the world. Time never think about poor or rich. In Cinema industry Time is God.Who calculate correctly will win the race others are not.
Anushka - the sexy curvy actress - "Rendu" fame, got lot of offers from Tamil Cinema after Rendu was released. But, she never accepts anything. Even she got heroine role for "Indham Padai" and later denied as she said she is busy with Telugu movies.

Anushka latest released Telugu movies being flop, she now considering about Tamil chances, but she missed the bus. In Tamil no producers are considering her, as they were disappointed before so Anushka now approaching Tamil directors. Lets wish her to get good chance in Tamil.

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