Mar 26, 2008

Interview with Simran

A decade ago she was every cinegoer's dream. Simran was one actress who performed any role with elan. And when she danced, she amazed all. Then Simran at the peak of her career gave up everything and settled down giving all her time to her family. Now that her son is growing up and with ample time at her hands, she returns back to the glitz and the glamour... With two films already released, lets see what the lady herself has to say about her comeback...

You still look very glamorous! How do you maintain it?

Thank you for your appreciation. Glamour or beauty comes from happiness. I am happy with motherhood. And I take life positively. My life is tension free.

You had acted with top heroes like Chiranjeevi, Kamal, NBK, Nag, Venky etc. What made you to accept a film opposite a comedian (John Apprao 40 plus)!

The script was interesting and i accepted. I don't think too much about star value. For me, story is important. Nothing matters.

Did you miss the arc lights when you are away from it after your marriage!

No. It was my personal choice not to act in films until my son turns two. I wanted to enjoy and lead the marital life like any normal Indian woman, hence I stayed away from acting after marriage.

How do you manage career and motherhood, as acting in films take long hours to stay away from home?

I have planned it all. I made comeback after much thinking. My son is my everything. And I know how to handle the pressures of film profession and my son's demands.

Will you continue play glam roles like you did earlier?

Why not? I am the glam queen, as media reports (laughs)? I never mind playing glam roles. And I know where to draw the line.

What are the differences you see now in Tollywood from the time you made debut a decade ago?

Young filmmakers are more disciplined and have better understanding of filmmaking. Earlier, films were completely entertainment driven and nothing else. Today they can even write scripts that accommodate a combination like comedian Krishna Baghavan and me in the lead role. Filmmaking here has become more stylish.

On retrospect, which of your films you like most?

It is a tough task to pick up. In Telugu, I think Narasinhanaidu, Nuvvu Vastavani and Kalisundam Raa are memorable movies. In Tamil, Vaali and Kannatthil Muthamittal are my personal favorites.

Who do you think the best among the current heroines?

Trisha, Nayanatara and Shriya are doing great job. Like late Soundarya and I shared great work and films, they are shining well.

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