Feb 19, 2008

Mahesh Babu Demanded Rs 8 Cr

The film 'Mirchi' is turning out to be too hot to handle for the producer. S Gopal Reddy planned to make the film 'Mirchi' with Mahesh Babu in the lead. The film was supposed to start work in December.

But the project is yet to take off. Mahesh Babu is still to commence work on his new film after the release of 'Athidhi'.

According to sources, the new project has now been shelved. The reason is that Mahesh Babu has jacked up his remuneration considerably. He is asking for 8 crore for acting in Mirchi.

Producer S Gopal Reddy is not in a position to shell out this amount. But even at 8 crores, there are many producers who are ready to sign him up. Mahesh Babu does command a big market value and is justified in demanding 8 crore. But Mahesh Babu is now doing only one film in a year. He should take a leaf out of his father's diary. Krishna used to act in about 15 films in a year. Mahesh Babu should do at least two to three films in a year and that will keep everyone - produces, directors, distributors and fans quite happy. He should keep a cut on his heavy remunerations and work for the well being of Telugu film industry being a man sitting on the top.