Feb 19, 2008

Foreigner molested in Ahmedabad's Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi Ashram - AHMEDABAD

In a shocking incident, two inebriated youth allegedly molested a foreigner inside the museum of Gandhi Ashram on Monday but strangely no complaint was lodged as it would have required the police to enter the ashram which, according to officials, would have ‘‘affected the sanctity'' of the place.

The youth allegedly assaulted the woman when she, along with her husband and a local guide, was viewing the photographs depicting India's freedom struggle at around 4 pm.

According to eyewitnesses, the two men entered the exhibition hall, grabbed the woman and tried to forcibly kiss her. One of the youth managed to escape, but the ashram staff managed to catch hold of the other. The youth panicked and, while trying to flee, damaged a couple of Mahatma Gandhi's mounted photographs.

The staff eventually overpowered and thrashed him. The staffers were instructed to remain tightlipped about the incident. A worker at the Ashram said she was unaware of any such incident. But she did say that two drunk men damaged the Mahatma's photos.

When a TOI photographer reached the spot, he found Bapu's damaged photographs strewn across the floor of ashram office.