Feb 5, 2008

Glamourous Actress Ramya Krishna To Get Her Beauty Secrets To You!


Ramya Krishna’s tryst with radiance up with the glamourous actress Ramya Krishna to get her beauty secrets to you!

With a warm smile the actress gets down to an equally warm conversation not about movies, but television and looking and feeling good. We talk about her current TV chat show project at hand- Zara Masti Zara Dhoom, which is currently being aired on a popular Telugu channel. "If you notice, Telugu television could never boast of a celebrity talk show and being a celebrity myself, I knew it would be easier for my colleagues to open up on camera", said the actress on being asked about her show.

She added, "There is talk about a few more shows, and hopefully they shall do as well as the current one is doing!" Well, we wish you good luck with that! Moving on, we ask her what the secret is behind looking as beautiful and timeless as she does! She laughs and says, "I am lucky to have finally found a cream-- It's the Olay 7 effects cream! A beauty aid without the regimen of a toner and cleanser, which is great, and that's what caught my attention. Besides, my skin needed moisture and Olay gave it more than just that. Along with saving time, it gives you younger looking skin especially if you are not a very meticulous person when it comes to following a beauty regimen!" She adds, "I think in the show biz industry it is imperative to look good, but as you age it becomes harder to maintain that."So from what she said, it is clear that maintenance is of the essence to retain your good looks. "The Olay 7 effects gave me nourished skin without having to workout at the gym. It is like a miracle, not only do I look good, but emotionally I feel even better. Looking good helps you feel good," she said.

Ramya Krishna signs off saying, "I have been recommending this cream to my sister, my colleagues and friends, and now recommend it to thousands of you who covet a radiant skin!

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