Feb 5, 2008

DR RAJASEKHAR Celebrated His Birthday

Rajasekhar Game for politics (HEROS CONVERT LEADERS)

Hero DR RAJASEKHAR celebrated his birthday yesterday in the shadow of two gunmen provided to him by the city police. Accompanied by his wife JEEVITA and his supporters, the couple went around some of the slums in the city, providing water purifiers to schools, and distributing fruits to patients at the hospitals. On this occasion, the actor announced that he was quite interested in joining mainstream politics. Dr Rajasekhar said, "I was always interested in social service, which is the primary qualification for taking up selfless politics. My entry into politics is certain, but I will announce my decision about joining a party - soon. I am doubly careful in choosing the party, as I feel that I should be respected and believed." Interestingly, against the backdrop of the attack by CHIRANJEEVI's fans on him and his family members, this is the first time the actor has celebrated his birthday with such pomp and gaiety.

I am also a Telugu Person

Telling about his roots he said, “I belong to Andhra Pradesh. My ancestors migrated to Tamil Nadu. I always wanted to become a hero in Telugu. That is the reason why I preferred Telugu to Tamil and settled over here. I also contributed my might for Telugu film industry shifting from Chennai to Hyderabad. My father Varada Rajulu belongs to Chittoor. My mother belongs to Guntur.”

The actor profusely thanked the people for their overwhelming support to his family when they were attacked.

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