Feb 2, 2008

Charan Laughs Off Marriage Rumors!

Rumors on Ram Charan marriage spread like wild fire all over the state on Friday.

"Charan fled to Delhi and married Chiruta heroine Neha Sharma" was the rumor.

Chiranjeevi was flooded with phone calls inquiring about the incident. A young director’s name was also linked with this rumor.

But Ram Charan appeared at Audi show room in Hyderabad on Friday evening and when media asked about the rumors he laughed off at them.

“I was shocked to hear the rumors about my marriage. Slowly I recognized that these are part and parcel of an actor’s life. What can I do except laughing at them” he said.

“These are early days of my career. There is so much time for my marriage. My marriage will be a big event, I won’t marry secretly” Charan added.

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