Jan 8, 2008

Aapada Mokkula Vaadu Ki Chikkulu

Posani attacks on mighty Dasari.

It is an attack that no one ever dared to indulge in. Director Posani Krishna Murali takes bold step and makes severe allegations on 'bigwig' of Tollywood and Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao. Participating on a discussion on TV9, Posani claimed that Dasari was behind the delay of his film - Aapada Mokkula Vaadu.

He and the filmÄ´s producer Mallikarjun put the record straight.

"10 days ago Bellamkonda Suresh came to us and bought the distribution rights for Rs1.10 Crores. One Crore was NRA (Non Recoverable Amount) and 10 Lakhs was for recoverable advance. Two days later he backed out from the agreement for reasons known to him. After 3 days, Siri Media bought the film for three areas. But they didn't pay the money when I was needed," producer Mallikarjun revealed.

When asked why the Siri Media didn't pay the promised amount, Posani saw the Dasar's hand behind it. Posani also clearly revealed that Dasari Narayana Rao owns the distribution firm but Dasari never admitted it in the public.

The film glorifies Chiru through dialogues. Was that made Dasari to back out? "Probably," Posani replies. He also attacked on Dasari. "He talks big things on stage. Makes hue and cry about existence of small budgeted movies. Then why didn't he come to our risque? questioned.

Posani has high regard for Chiranjeevi. "I welcome Chiru into politics. He is an honest person. He is people's person. Like NTR, he is clean like white paper. He brings change in the society," Posani said.

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