Dec 1, 2007

Actress Sindhura Gadde Interview

Sindhura Gadde is very popular face although she is just making her debut as heroine in Rasool's Sangamam. For, the Telugu beauty made all us proud when she represented for Miss World competitions as Miss India (2005). Sindhura, who originally hails from Vijayawada but brought up in New Zealand, now wants to concentrate in films especially in Tollywood. At a time, filmmakers are facing tough time to find a heroine who can speak and know Telugu, Sindhura, perhaps, is the hot property that they have been scouting for. She speaks to exclusively on the eve of her debut movie release.

Here are the excerpts...

You are a beauty queen and also a successful model. From participating in beauty pageants to turning actor, how has been the transformation?

Femina Miss India has helped me a lot in terms of my presentation and speaking abilities and to open up my personality when I express as an actor. Being a model is always about looking your best and presenting products or clothing in a graceful manner so this, for an actress, is a definite bonus. The transformation is an exciting and challenging one for me.

How did you bag the role in Sangamam?

All thanks to my director Mr.Rasool who believed that I can pull off this amazing character called Samskruti. He approached me for this role.

Were you nervous when you faced the movie camera for the first time? Tell us about your first movie experience?

The anxiety of facing the film camera was intense and exciting, but having been in front of the camera whether it be television or the modeling world or on ramp since I was 17 years old, I was quite comfortable and relaxed. Some of the most memorable moments for me were when I was shooting for Sangamam in the middle of busy Washington DC City during peak rush hour. Rohit, the hero and I were shooting for the song "Poothavesina.." and we drew a big crowd. It was so nice to see that Americans and people of all cultures have grown to appreciate Indian Cinema.

You had also acted in Heyy Babyy but the role was minimal. Don't you think the film was not right choice for you especially when you are making debut?

Heyy Babby was a fabulous experience. With this, I had worked with one of the biggest banners of Bollywood - Sajid Nadiadwala's, the biggest actors and the biggest technicians. I can't think of a better way to get the right kind of exposure and guidance when you're starting out. The role was minimal but that was never my debu.. it was merely a cameo that I did for a dear friend Sajid Khan, the director. All in all a good experience and a great learning platform.

Did you nurture dreams of stepping into glamour world since childhood?

Not at all! I grew up watching Miss World and Miss India programs, always admiring the gorgeous dolls that walked the stage so elegantly. Not even in my dreams did I think I would be a Miss India myself one day. I cherish it with all my heart. My career plans always drew me towards the medical industry, which is why I studied Pharmacology and Physiology in New Zealand, but sometimes you have to follow your heart.

How was it doing Sangamam in Rasool's direction?

Rasool is a man of class and style, and his cinema reflects that. He is very supportive and patient as a director never settling for an 'ok' shot...always looking for the best shot. But to my surprise, our sets were always stress free environments with everyone cool and calm.

As an actress, what kind of roles you are looking for?

For me when choosing a film, the director is very important, the next is the script. I want to do roles that are inspiring, challenging and ones that show me as an actress well. I am still learning my abilities as an actor and hope that I'll be able to do the justice to Telugu film industry.

Having brought up in foreign land, how comfortable you are with Telugu language?

I can read, write and speak Telugu comfortably so this was a great advantage in my Telugu debut Sangamam.

" I can read, write and speak Telugu "

How often you visit the film websites..

I wish more often but its actually hardly ever as my schedules are quite tight, but they are a great way to keep everyone up to date with the hot happenings.

Any other assignments from Bollywood?

Still looking for the right launch as a heroine in Hindi. Right now I would like to concentrate in Tollywood.

Who do you wish to act with (we mean, actors)? Do you have any particular hero that you want to act with him?

Mahesh Babu, Nagarjuna and Junior NTR.

Who is your favorite actress in Telugu film industry?


'Glamour' does not necessarily mean 'Skin Show'

What is your take on skin show/glamour part of the films?

One thing that Indian audience has to understand is that 'Glamour' does not necessarily mean 'Skin Show'. There are certain commercial aspects that film makers look at when making films and it is definitely a part of it. Sometimes it's required for your role too. But you can always choose the roles that you're most excited about, because at the end of the day, acting should be fun and inspiring for you as an actor.

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