Dec 1, 2007

A Thunda Response For Films At Box-Office (Telugu Box-Office Report)

November is always considered thunda month for film business. It has proved once again. At the end of the month, when we see the final results of the movies, the balance sheets show nothing but huge losses. Last week's two films - Nitin starrer Takkari and Mumaith Khan's Maisamma IPS had same dismal result at box-office. They failed to lift the spirits. While Mumaith's sexy image helped the film got good openings in the first three days, the film's bad content and sadistic theme could not sustain the collections. End result is big flop.

Nitin and 'Ammo..Ammammo' Rajashekar have failed once again. Takkari began with lukewarm openings and the trend continued all through the week. Another flop in Nitin's kitty!

So is the case with hero Naresh. He joins the club of a group of young heroes who are delivering nothing but duds. Even his Seema Shasthry which got good talk initially garners no collections.