Nov 8, 2007

Nisha Kothari Changes Her Name !!!

Actress NISHA KOTHARI is going back to her real name. Nursing her wounds after the disaster called Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag and a slew of other flops, this spunky actor has decided to improve her luck by going for a name change. She now wants to be known as PRIYANKA KOTHARI, the name given to her by her parents-Telugu Cinemass.

Ask her about the sudden wish to be called Priyanka and she says, “It’s my original name and my real identity. I am sure my parents chose this name with a lot of love and affection and I should not have changed it in the first place.” Then why did she do that? “When I entered the industry, I was just a teenager and had no clue about how things work here. Many people told me that there’s already a Priyanka in the industry, so I should call myself by a different name. And without giving it a second thought, I changed my name. For my family, friends, even in my film contracts, I am Priyanka Kothari. So when somebody calls me Nisha, I am not at all comfortable. In this whole scenario, I had been wondering ‘who is Nisha?’ This realisation made me take this decision.”