Nov 8, 2007

Rama Naidu's Love For Rural Life

Movie Mughal Dr D RAMANAIDU is considered a man of compassion in the Telugu film industry. He is unassuming and mingles freely even with budding artists. Inspite of his high status in life as one of the top most producers in the world, he has not forgotten his rural roots. His love for village life is astonishing. Recalling his days as farmer in Karamchedu in Palnadu in the1950s, he says: "I can never forget those days when I raised cattle and I even used to give them a bath. I enjoyed wearing a turban and tilling the field. Even now, I am very attached to them, and they recognise me whenever I visit the place. Once, I even took one of the cows to our Vizag studio. I miss that life."