Oct 24, 2007

Shriya's Flight To Hollywood

Now and then it remains the dreams of many actors and actresses to step into Hollywood and only few like rare pearl would make it. And over here, Shriya is the rare pearl and her dream of acting in a Hollywood flick has come true.

Ashok Amritraj who earlier Tamil film Jeans produces this Hollywood film titled ‘THE OTHER END OF THE LINE’. The film would feature Shriya performing the role of an Indian woman starring opposite Hollywood actor Jeslie.

Sources close to Ashok state that he met Shriya during a journey by flight and over there he happened to narrate the script to her. Fascinated by the storyline, she immediately agreed to act in this film before the flight could land.

Ashok Amritraj also adds that earlier he opted for Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to play the heroine role and since she was busy with some other commitments, he happened to choose Shriya.

It’s really a exuberating thing for Shriya fans isn’t? of course-Telugu Cinemass.