Oct 25, 2007

Chiru's Daughter Wants Reel Marriage Now, With Dad As Producer !!!

Their story is a perfect script for a Bollywood or Tollywood blockbuster. Given a chance, Srija, daughter of Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, would like to act in it along with her husband Sirish. “But I want my father to produce the film,” says Srija, who has no qualms about expressing her feelings against Chiranjeevi.

After the Delhi High Court ordered police protection for the couple, Srija appealed to her father to accept the marriage and let her live in peace with her husband. “I want to tell my father that I am in safe hands and my in-laws are really lovable,” she said on Tuesday.

“His reaction to my relationship with Sirish surprises me. I was forced to break his trust because he subjected me to a lot of suffering, suffocation and frustration for more than a year by putting me under house arrest. And nobody in my family supported me, not even my mother, who was asked to guard me for that entire year,” says Srija.

Srija managed to flee her house to marry Sirish in a much-publicised ceremony in Hyderabad last week. But what followed was enough to force the couple to flee their hometown within half an hour of their marriage.

Sirish alleged that his friends were picked up from their homes. “Even their fathers were asked to come to the police station.” Sirish accused the police of illegally detaining even his uncle for hours after the wedding.

In Delhi, the couple has been changing residences since their arrival. Not finding a place that is safe enough, they have not been able to furnish an address to the police to receive protection. “We definitely want to go back to Hyderabad but only after things settle down,” said Sirish.

Said Srija, “My father has failed to understand me. I need time to repose my faith in him.”