Oct 2, 2007

Allu Ramalingaiah Memorial Award 2007 Presented To Rajendra Prasad (Event Details & Gallery)

Dr. Allu Ramalingaiah National Comedian award for the year 2007 was presented to hero Rajendra Prasad at a function held at Harihara Kala Bhavan on the night on 1st October. This function was graced by Chiranjeevi, Governor ND Tiwari, V Hanmantha Rao, Mandali Buddha Prasad, Vasiraju Prakasam, Allu Arvind, Dr. T Gopichand and Allu Arjun. Saripally Kondala Rao organized this event on behalf of Kala Vahini.

Rajendra Prasad is my inspiration for comedy - Chiranjeevi :

Speaking on the occasion Chiranjeevi said, “Allu Ramalingaiah is remembered by everybody even after his death. I would like to congratulate Kondala Rao for organizing this award function on Allu Ramalingaiah birthday every year. Rajendra Prasad deserves this award. Rajendra Prasad is an inspiration for me when it comes to comedy. He is the first comedy hero of Telugu film industry. He has perfect timing and unique style. There is lot of maturity in his recent film Aa Naluguru.”

Rajendra Prasad said, “My first film Nee Sneham has Allu Ramalingaiah doing an interesting character. And we shared a good rapport since then. He used to treat me like a son. There are two emotions that does not have any staleness. These are action and comedy. I rate Allu Ramalingaiah better than Charlie Chaplin.”

The award function was held on Oct 1st in Harihara Kalabhavan in Hyderabad which was graced by Andhra Pradesh Governor ND Tiwari, Allu Aravind, Chiranjeevi, Saripally Kondala Rao and many film and political personilties-Telugu Cinemass.