Jun 14, 2007


Bellamkonda Suresh, after a gap of three years, is striking back with a big vengeance. As presenter of one of the craziest of movies of South India, starring Superstar Rajnikanth in the direction of King director Shankar, Bellamkonda holds back nothing. He reveals in his mind stark naked. At the same time, he showed his dislike for any controversies hereafter. In the context of “Shivaji” releasing all over the world with more than 700 prints on June 15th, an exclusive interview with Bellamkonda:

Q: For the first time, you have turned the presenter, or say producer (for Telugu version) for the highest budget movie Shivaji? How do you feel?

A: Of course, it a Rs. 50 crore movie. Instead of calling it “Highest budget” movie, I prefer to call it the craziest movie. Its expectations have surpassed even that of Baba or Chandramukhi. I have no feelings. I just played my part and tried my level best to get good entertainment to my (Telugu) audience. Certainly, you will see superb results.

Q: There is lot of talk in the industry – that the movie is delayed due to heavy graphics. Is there any other problem linked to money matters?

A: Money factor has nothing to do with the delay. When we are doing a film with No.1 hero and Number 1 director, where is the question of money problem? The delay factor is only for two months. Naturally, you have high quality graphics. Rajnikanth’s daughter personally took lot of care. Graphics part led to some delay. I agree.

Q: Do you think expectations have come down due to heavy delay in Shivaji release?

A: Absolutely not. When you want to see a good movie, you will definitely see. Delay is very common in big ventures. Everybody knows, director Shankar will not compromise before quality. Already advance booking is over in Chennai and Nellore for more than 10 days!

Q: After “Naa Autograph”, there is a big gap in your career. How you coped up with that tough time?

A: Yes. You said it right. It was very difficult time for me. A kind of isolation. But, for a man who has decided to fight, nothing stands before him. This gap helped me a lot. I have learnt the art of filmmaking. I entered the industry as a producer in a hurry. After getting into the pits, I have also learnt how to come out of it. A costly experience! It is to be felt and learnt only. I don’t have any regrets at all.

Q: What is the message you have in Shivaji?

A: How can I tell you? I tell you the storyline. Rajnikanth is an NRI with lot of bucks. He will come to India and takes up social service. He gives free education to the poor and needy. He fights against the system of donations in colleges. This puts him in problems. How he fights the baddies and helps the talented students? It is the subject. Shankar’s treatment to this subject will make it a wonderful entertainment.

Q: What influenced you to come into film industry?

A: I came to the film industry as a junior artiste. The date was 8-8-84. I have no good education. I must do something. I want to earn my livelihood. So, I chose this field. However, it was a tough going. I became a production executive and later a producer. I don’t forget my past. I can never be arrogant.

Q: Generally, a producer will cherish an ambition. He wants to do a Mogale Azham or Sholay. What about you?

A: I too have a strong ambition. It is still abstract. I will sure give a shape to it. At present, I want to do movies with all the heroes in the industry, with all the directors in the industry.

Q: For getting a project like “Shivaji” for Telugu audience, you must have faced bitter competition. Isn’t it?

A: Exactly. But, I don’t want to say anything about it. Please leave it.

Q: What kind of association you have with superstar Rajnikanth?

A: Not very close. He is the superstar. I met him recently after the completion of Telugu version. Rajnikanth expressed his shock when he saw me. He thought I might have an old fellow. He said he also read an interview of mine in a newspaper. He commented: “Why do you give old photographs? Hereafter, take care to appear in newspapers with new look.” I am grateful to him.

Q: What about Shankar?

A: Nothing to say more. Just I met him and honestly said my proposal. He Okayed it without second thought. My sincere thanks to him.

Q: What are your future projects?

A: I don’t tell anyone. I am for publicity. But I am never in favor of false publicity. Experience taught me to announce a project, only when you are about to launch it.

Q: What is your opinion about the present day’s filmmaking?

A: I am worried a lot. Several producers are getting huge losses, because they leave everything to the director and others. It should not be like that. Producer’s involvement is must in his movie. It doesn’t mean, he has to poke his nose in all matters. Just, I say involvement. It is otherwise here in the industry. I am sure; any movie without the involvement of producer is a failure. Mark it.

Q: Anything else you want say?

A: When a movie is announced or released, people call it after hero first and next the director. However, I want the audience to call my movie as Bellamkonda’s movie also. I don’t believe in setting crazy combinations. Good subject is compulsory. Without subject, even the most deadly or powerful combinations would not work.