Jun 19, 2014

Nitin the Telangana Mega-Super Star

Unconfirmed news making rounds in filmnagar is that a newly formed Telangana film related body officially approached Hero Nitin to request him to represent Telangana. Nithin is the only successful hero hailing from Telangana seeking remuneration of almost 5 crores and his films doing business over 20 crores ever. The organization felt, he voicing Telangana concerns will have more visibility and do good for Telangana cinema.
 Nithin seem to have avoided this delegation and asked his father producer and distributor Sudhakar Reddy to deal with them. Sudhakar Reddy who knows his business well simply requested the delegation not to drag Nithin in to Andhra-Telangana issues. According to him reducing Nithin in to a Telangana hero will limit him to 10 districts. This only means loss of business in Andhra Region which is still 60% of revenues. Hence he feels sensitive to call Nithin a “Telangana hero”. Nithin who himself is a Pawan Kalyan fan and offered to join Janasena by contributing generousely may not like to call himself a Telangana hero and distance himself from the rest of the industry.