Feb 2, 2014

Shruti To Take Legal Action

Shruti To Take Legal Action Against Rangacharis On D-Day

Actress Shruti Haasan and Nikhil Advani are both planning to dissociate themselves from DAR Motion Pictures, the producers of DDay. The film is also being released in Tamil as Dawood. Nikhil, who co-produced the film with the Rangacharis, is upset that the rights of the film were sold without his knowledge.

He says, "I am shocked and disappointed to learn about the irresponsible way my film D-Day is being released in Tamil. We have not been consulted by the exploitation rights holders on making alterations to the marketing material. And the Tamil version of the film being titled Dawood is mischievous and misleading. We are examining the matter and may be forced to act legally."

Shruti says she too plans to take action against the makers. She says, "I'm dissociating myself from the Tamil version of D-Day as it is being done without my consent and this is a clear breach of contract. In fact, we will be taking legal action on this issue." The paperwork is currently underway.