Feb 9, 2014

Paisa Telugu Movie Review

Film: Paisa
Starring: Nani, Catherine Theresa, Siddhika Sharma, Charan Raj, Raja Raveendra and Duvvasi Mohan
Director: Krishna Vamsi
Producer: Ramesh Puppala
Banner: Yellow Flowers banner
Music: Sai Karthik


Sherwani Model Prakash (Nani) is desperate to turn rich with his tricks. He likes his neighborhood Muslim girl Noor (Catherine Tresa). But Prakash has set his heart on the beautiful Sweety (Siddhika Sharma), daughter of a rich and powerful minister (Charan Raj). Both become good friends. On the other hand, Sanyasi Raju plans to become CM spending the money illegally of 50 Crores. Noor’s family is in financial trouble and to come out of it Noor agrees to marry an old Dubai Sheikh. Prakash comes to Noor’s rescue by jeopardising her marriage and escaping with her in a van. This incident brings about the twist in the plot as Prakash soon discovers a bag containing Rs 50 crores in the van. It is around this bagful of money that the entire movie revolves.Prakash realizes his love for Noor, once her wedding with old Dubai Sheikh is set and he plans to spoil the marriage with the help of his friends in an Innova without knowing there are 50 crores in the same car. Now, Dubai Sheikh’s Goons, cops and Sanyasi Raju’s gang chases Prakash and the rest forms the crux.


It is tailor made role for Nani and he is at ease in performance. He was quite good at dialogue delivery, expressions in emotional sequences and action sequences. A special mention of scene where Nani finds money is neatly shot.

Catherine Tresa is beautiful but she has nothing much to perform in the limited role. Same is the case with Siddhika Sharma, who also looked glamorous in the film.

Charanraj is impressive, Raja Ravindra, Duvvasi Mohan, Bharath Reddy are effective in their given roles.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography is not up to the mark, the visuals fails to appeal, Sai Karthik’s audio scores are decent but the BGM is too loud. DI works are poor, dialogues have nothing to boast of. Story is appealing but screenplay isn’t effective, Krishna Vamsi’s direction is not upto expectations. Editing is bad. Yellow Flowers Production values are poor.


Krishna Vamsi comes up with a decent, realistic storyline where the current society is after money and how money plays key role in day-to-day lives. However, the screenplay lacks freshness or thrilling moments. Direction is not up to expectations and the scenes are over the top at times. Logic goes for a toss and there are too many loopholes in the script. Cinematography could have been neat rather than the complex angles. The first half is too sluggish with slow-paced narration. Though the interval episode and few good scenes in the second half impress you, the proceedings loose its steam. Climax is okay but Paisa doesn’t provide any entertainment.

Verdict – Film might disappoint, but you can watch it for Nani.