Aug 24, 2013

Indraganti Mohankrishna’s Anthaku Mundu, Aa Taruvatha Realease Today

Indraganti Mohankrishna Interview
 Anthaku Mundu, Aa Taruvatha
National award-winning director Indraganti Mohankrishna’s Anthaku Mundu, Aa Taruvatha hits the screens today AMAT (Anthaku Mundu, Aa Taruvatha), which hits the screens on Friday, wafts in with a whiff of freshness to the Telugu film industry, promising to appeal to young and old alike. Why?

For one, it comes from National award-winning director Indraganti Mohankrishna, who turned the spotlight of critical acclaim onto himself with his debut Grahanam. It also marks the debut of a Telugu girl, Eesha, a rarity these days. AMAT is the director’s fifth film, which follows Maya Bazaar, Ashta Chamma and Golkonda High School.

 Anthaku Mundu, Aa Taruvatha
“It is my most personal film so far and is very special for me. Actually, I would say it’s the first out of my own inspiration and experiences and hence is kind of ‘semi-autobiographical’. Visually it is my most satisfying film and musically, the one with the maximum number of songs (seven), with music scored by Kalyani Mallik, now christened Kalyani Koduri,” Mohankrishna said. As for the story, he says it’s about a boy and girl who after a most romantic period of wooing, develop new anxieties and doubts once they commit themselves to spending the rest of their lives with each other.

“How they choose to address their fears and find solutions is interesting. And the twists and turns the story takes is AMAT. As the story progress, they find that love is not all hunky-dory and chocolate, but that love is work, hard work and not something one just walks right in and through,” he narrates.

“This film is my tribute to the great French filmmaker Francois Truffaut, whom I have come to recognise as a major influence on me. Eesha will be the first female lead that I am introducing. I have introduced Swati earlier in the lead but she had already done films before and I can proudly claim to have introduced Nani (of Eega fame) and Srinivas Avasarala with Ashta Chamma,” Mohanakrishna says, signing off.