Sep 10, 2011

Ram Charan Tej With Fiancee Upasana At Polo Final Match

Mega Pair Ram Charan Teja with Upasana Kamineni first time in public at Hyderabad Polo Season 2011 Final Match. Ram Charan Teja & Upasana's engagement will take place soon at Domakonda Fort Nizamabad.
Ramcharan, Upasana cheer polo team - Part 1
Ramcharan, Upasana cheer polo team - Part 2 - The Hyderabad Polo season is underway and Tollywood actor Ram Charan Tej's team "Hyderabad Polo Team" is participating in the contest. The actor and his would be bride and mother-in-law Upasana and Shobana Kamineni respectively were present to cheer their team