Jul 5, 2011

Genelia's Marriage Force On Rich Hero

has been quite a while since the buzz has been on about Genelia’s affair with the Bollywood hero Riteish Deshmukh. While both have been keeping silence over this issue and ensured they never got caught in the eye of the media, the Mumbai sources say the duo is very much ‘an item’.

However, the latest update is that Genny has begun to take the relationship to the next level. Reports are arriving that Genny has been insisting Riteish to get married and put an end to the hide-and-seek game. As such, Riteish hails from a powerful political family and it is heard that they were not willing to accept this alliance.

Those who heard this say “It is time they do something about their relationship. The film world is a flimsy place where relations break in the snap of a finger. But both Riteish and Genny stood strong and committed so why not make it official?”. All are waiting to see how Riteish will react to Genelia’s forcing.