Nov 22, 2010

Women Organizations opposing Nayantara to play Goddess Sita!

Nayantara who is suspected to be in a relationship with Prabhu Deva is facing hard time with the women organizations. An organization called Hindu Makkal Katchi in Tamilnadu is objecting the actress in donning Goddess Sita’s role in Bala Krishna-Bapu film ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’.

HMK is an organization that raises the issues which affects the sentiments of Hindus and Tamils. Ramayana forms an important part of the Hindu canon of our country and as ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ is a part of this great epic, the women organizations are resisting Nayantara to play the role.

“Ramayana is a book of morals and it insists on the principle of ‘one man, one woman’ in life. What right Nayantara has to act as Seetha while she tried to snatch away another woman’s husband in real life?” questioned the organization secretary of HMK.