Nov 8, 2010

Movie Review: Baava

Telugu Movie Review: Baava

When you say Bava, one expects youthful and romantic. But Rambabu's Bava fails to offer anything new. The difference between the two villages, the estranged brother and sister, their loss of love and the love story of their children in continuation - this is no novelty to the Telugu screen. Rambabu could not offer the impressive narration or gripping output expected of him. And as for Siddharth- another misplaced attempt for a break.

Veerababu (Siddhartha) is the over-pampered son of Sitaramudu (Rajendra Prasad), who falls in love with Varalakshmi (Praneetha). Soon after, Varalakshmi also finds herself falling for him. But their blossoming young love is in for a rude shock. As they explore their childhood, they discover that they might be closely related. When Varalakshmi's father gives her away to Ramana (Samrat) in marriage, the tensed lady-in-love asks Veerababu to keep his promise to her and do something. In a frenzied rage, he ties the knot and takes her to his home. The movie goes into a flashback as Sitaramudu reveals the truth: that they both are very close relatives and their marriage is indeed valid. But he tells Veerababu to marry her only in the presence of all her family members. Leaving Veerababu to convince Varalakshmi's father. Meanwhile, Ramana's father reveals the identity of Veerababu and gets him thrashed black and blue. The same treatment is meted out to Sitaramudu, when he tries to. Unfortunately enough, Sitaramudu die of humiliation. Now it is Veerababu's turn to get back his wife from that family? What steps does he take? Does Ramana give in?

Siddharth's performance is the highlight of the film. He maintains the lover boy image till the first half and in the second half delivers a matured performance. Rajendra Prasad also, once again gives an impressive performance. But it is Rajendra Prasad' character which ultimately lifts the spirit of the film. The episode at Annavaram, where the granny shows the way, is undoubtedly good work. Rajendra Prasad and Siddhartha share a good working chemistry. Praneetha as a debutant tried her best to give a nice performance. Ahuti Prasad, Viswanath Kasi, Tanikella Bharani, Samrat, and others also did justice to their roles. Camera work by Aravind Krishna is good to some extent.

Brahmanandam and Ali's attempt to entertain the audience with sickening comedy was in vain. Dialogues by Veera Pothana are average. KV Krishna Reddy's editing skills could have been sharper. Several boring scenes in the film could have been trimmed, especially in the second half. Music director Chakri gives some fresh tunes, but on the whole the audio score is pathetic. None of the characters have a good foundation. The screenplay goes haywire on several occasions.

Siddharth who has no big hits in the recent past banked heavily on Rambabu's 'Bava' but this film also failed to deliver. Though the first half is okay with a good run, the film turned out to be a dud.