Aug 14, 2009

Telugu Movie Anjaneyulu – Review, Cast & Credit

Cast: Ravi Teja, Nayantara, Nazar, Sonu Sood, Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Srinivasa Reddy, Brahmanandam, prakash raj, Brahmaji, Raja Ravindra, Ahuti Prasad, MS Narayana, Vinayarasad, Jeeva, Junior Relangi, Ganeshbabu, Sana, Kim Sarma, bhuvaneswari and others

Credits: Cinematography – K. Ravindrababu, Editing – Marthand K. Venkatesh, Action – Ram-Lakshman, Art – Chinna, Music – S Thamas, Presents – Ravikiranbabu, Producer – Ganeshbabu, Story, dialogues, screenplay and direction – Parasuram.

Anjaneyulu – Review

Films are of different genre so as the filmgoers. After giving a blockbuster like Kick, the audiences in general and the fans of Ravi Teja have been eagerly looking for the next movie with lots of expectations. Anjaneyulu did not disappoint the audiences as it has all kinds of elements expected from Ravi Teja’s film.

Anjaneyulu (Raviteja), the son of headmaster Krishnamurthy (Nazar), is an average student at school. Krishnamurthy and his wife always encourage and pamper him. After completing his education, Anjaneyulu gets the job as a director in a television channel, as the proprietor (Jeeva) of the channel was the student of Krishnamurthy. He enjoys his life as it comes. Anjaneyulu and Krishnamurthy move like friends.

Once Anjaneyulu comes across Anjali (Nayantara) who works with a mobile service provider. He loses his heart at first sight and slowly they fall in love. Anjaneyulu informs his parents and they reach Hyderabad to fix the alliance. While returning to their native place, they are burnt alive in an accidental fire mishap. However, Anjaneyulu learns that it was not an accident but a cold blooded murder perpetrated by several big heads like home minister (Dandapani) and MLA (Jayaprakash Reddy), with the help of a local mafia don Bada (Sonu Sood).

In fact, a journalist (Sameer) prepares a big file with all evidences on the illegal activities of the Home Minister and wants to submit it to the chief minister. The Home Minister orders Bada to kill him upon a condition that it should not look like a murder as it might throw light on him. Learning this, Anjaneyulu decides to take a revenge on Bada and the other politicians and joins Bada's group as a goon and finally executes his plan and kills everyone. However, the interesting point here is that Anjaneyulu tells Anjali that he did not kill them for revenge, but decided to kill them only to satiate his sorrow, as his parents did not die out of old age or of some disease and lost life without enjoying their life with son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. In the climax, Anjaneyulu hands over all the evidence he gathered to prove that the Home Minister, MLA, several other officials who assisted them were corrupt and the film ends on a happy note.

The highlight of the film is entertainment and comic relief. The director Parasuram has not only prepared a story that suits Ravi Teja but has also penned punching dialogues which are quite casual for dialogue delivery. Ravi Teja too has done a great job as the character is like the extension of his various films like Idiot, Amma Nanna…, Venky and the latest Kick. Nayantara does not have much scope to perform but has sizzled in dances and has proved that her combination with Ravi Teja is the best. Sonu Sood, who won the compliments for his performance in Arundhati has played the villain again by doing justice to his role. Though the songs tuned by Thamas are not so melodious, the choreography is superb.

The film is good in all aspects and there are very few minus points. In fact, comedy by Brahmanandam has not been etched well. Same is the case with Kota Srinivasa Rao’s character. Why the director abruptly ends the character is not known. The only drawback which is very clear is the speedy closure of the climax. Bhuvaneswari episode is also unnecessary in the film. Action by Ram-Laxman appears a little over enthusiastic as most of the fights are too cinematic.

The strength of Lord Hanuman is not known to Him and one has to explain to him about it. But Anjaneyulu is not of that kind but is very fast and active. The characterisation of Ravi Teja would Definitely attract all classes and all age groups. His character has two different shades — a responsible youth and another very chivalrous. If you want to go to a theatre for mere entertainment, Anjaneyulu is the right film.